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January 25th, 2019, 02:02 PM
Hi all.

Just getting back into trainz after several years away. I would like honest opinions on the Model Railroad 2017 version. Is it on par with the standard versions of Trainz as to route building and all of the other features of standard versions of Trainz? The price sure is attractive!


January 25th, 2019, 02:19 PM
I'll give you a break down of what the standard and TMR17 offer to hopefully simplify things:

~Includes only model railway routes, with Kickstarter County route being the only real world route (tutorials)
~Small GUI colour update, nothing new
~Had only 3 total updates (I think), Only one update in 2018, rest I haven't seen the game updated throughout 2018
~Content has been updated, but as newer content is created for 4.5, TMR17 won't be able to use it
~If you buy DLC from N3V's store, it won't download as its not setup

~Game supported (until May of this year, unless it changes)
~More and more content choices as TANE is widely used
~The model RR packs can be purchased separately or as one large DLC pack (note owning TMR17 will entitle you to the DLC packs free)
~DRM free version and DRM versions are available while TMR17 is strictly DRM version

I like the ability to have model RR routes in TMR17 as it makes more sense and having TANE/TRS19 for both real and model RR routes. Personally, you'll be better off in the long run getting TANE / TRS19 vs TMR17 as DLC content won't download should you decide to buy some down the road.
N3V did had a bundle of buying both when it was first launched (both TANE and TMR17) for like $50 at the time, but has been removed. Right now with the prices, you can get both for $30

Hope it gives an idea.


January 25th, 2019, 03:15 PM
Hi John!

Welcome back. :D

TMR2017 is T:ANE Lite. It was created in the same vain as the old Classics Series with targeted content. The product its self was based on a slightly newer, at the time, T:ANE engine and is aimed at model railroading with a limited base content set based around that theme. Just like the Classics Series, however, this limited base set doesn't mean you can't download and run full size routes from the DLS, although you will run into missing dependencies should the downloaded routes call for built-in assets found in T:ANE.

If anything, I recommend getting T:ANE Deluxe as that contains all the same model railroad routes as TMR17 plus a lot more. This is a good start and then you can upgrade when your budget allows to TRS19 (TRS 2019) since that is where everything is going to at this point.

January 25th, 2019, 05:37 PM
Hi John --

Depends what your reasons are.

Saving money? Sure, go for it.

Route construction? Beware of the cut down content and assets that are built-in with other versions but not in TMR and not on the DLS.

Model railroads? Yes, and it does include a couple of mine but the ones I've recently uploaded to the DLS for TRS19 are far, far better.

Visual impact, best frame rates, ... ? No choice -- you must go for TRS19.