View Full Version : European High-Speed Rail lines in Editions of Trainz

January 24th, 2019, 12:55 PM
This thought came across my mind as I was reading about the obscure French railroad Chemin de Fer Paris a Sceaux: With there being models of several European high speed trains, why isn't there a route included in Trainz that can feature several of those trains? To me, the TGV routes are the obvious choice. There three routes that would allow most of the high-speed trains in Europe to appear:
LGV Interconnexion Est
LGV Nord

The LGV Interconnexion Est connects the LGV Nord to the LGV Sud-Est and LGV Est
The LGV Nord connects the Channel Tunnel, to Paris' Gare du Nord, which sees UK's/France's/Belgium's Eurostar, France's TGV and France's/Belgium's Thalys
The LGV Est goes from Paris' Gare de l'Est via the Paris-Est-Strasbourg-Ville Railway to Vaires-sur-Marne and onto Vendenheim, near Strasbourg, and sees France's TGV and Germany's InterCity Express (ICE)

This could be one whole route featuring the LGV Nord from Gare du Nord to LGV Interconnexion Est and then LGV Interconnexion to the connection with the LGV Est to Gare de l'Est. All points beyond the connections with the LGV Interconnexion Est (Channel Tunnel on the LGV Nord and Vendenheim on the LGV Est and all of the LGV Sud-Est) will be represented by portals.

The other option being the three separate routes:
Part or the entirety of the LGV Nord
Part or the entirety of the LGV Interconnexion Est
Part or the entirety of the LGV Est

EDIT: Just remembered. This might be a large route, but don't forget, you're doing almost 200 miles per hour on most of this route. To put this in comparison, the ECML takes 6+ hours to drive, with a fair amount of it being 100 miles per hour.

Note that I could be wrong somewhere. Also, I'm NOT planning on making the route, it's just an idea that crossed my mind that I wanted to share.