View Full Version : Can I buy DLC from AURAN for TANE bought on Steam

December 3rd, 2018, 12:05 AM
I own the steam version of TANE SP3. Can I buy DLC from Auran website?
I really would like the platinum DLC bundle located here https://store.trainzportal.com/collections/frontpage/products/tane-platinum-edition-bundle
Store says it requires an existing registered version to work. As far as I know you cant register the steam version.
Can I buy DLC from Auran and use the 'Download Purchased Items' in Trainz launcher for the Steam version?

December 3rd, 2018, 12:14 AM
As far as I know you cant register the steam version.
Steam can. Contact them if they have failed to register your copy. If the DLC you purchase is downloaded in game it will only download to your registered copy.

December 3rd, 2018, 05:35 AM
Thanks for your help, I have lodged a support ticket. I did discover my email address for MyTrainz was different from my steam email, wonder if this had something to do with why I wasn't automatically registered.

December 3rd, 2018, 08:04 AM
Need to be using the same email and username for Trainz bought from N3V and Steam, need to get that sorted out first.

December 3rd, 2018, 08:24 PM
Hi Bsmfs
You should now have a reply to your helpdesk ticket!

Just to confirm, so long as you place your order through the account that TANE is registered to, any TANE compatible DLC packs purchased from the Trainz Store will be able to be used with the Steam edition of TANE (as well as the Mac AppStore edition of TANE, for anyone else who comes across this post :) ).


December 3rd, 2018, 10:03 PM
Thanks guys for your help. My user name here was the same as Steam but email wasnt. I changed my Auran email to match Steam. I signed up here many years ago, so had a different email then to my current one. My support ticket was processed and it now appears as a digital download in my Auran account. I see T:ANE-Std is also added to to the timeline. Thanks again guys for your help, really appreciate it.