View Full Version : Best way to make blanks/looking for best tutorials.

November 16th, 2018, 04:51 AM
I'm trying to get better at reskining, mainly, I'm having a hard time reskining anything other than UP engines because they are all just really one color. I'm wanting to learn how to properly make blank textures that don't look like a 10 year old did them. Usually I just try and use the cloning tool in PSP on UP engines to try and make the engine all one color before I repaint it, but after trying to do this on some BNSF engines, I found out you really can't do it that way and was wondering how the better reskiners around here do their blank textures? I've looked at a few video tutorials to try and get better, but most of the videos I've watched used Photoshop and I use PSP which its very different. I'm not looking for someone to type out a step by step process, but some tips or some screen shots of the process would be extremely helpful as far as trying to learn how to just make an all grey texture. I know how to reskin and I feel like I'm decent at it, I just want to improve on what I can already do.


November 16th, 2018, 08:12 AM
I haven't reskinned for a while now but the technique that worked for me was to rely heavily on layers. Once I had created the base colour in one layer I would lock it and then add another layer.

In the second and subsequent layers I would add the tones, highlights, secondary colours, etc. For example, the trim. This way an error can be easily fixed and will not affect any other colours.

If I am attempting to add weathering or rust details to the overall colour scheme then additional layers are added but the rust/weathered colours I use are not 100% solid, they have varying levels of transparency so the base colours show through. Again several layers are often used to get the desired effects.

I use Gimp.