View Full Version : Using Performance Analysis Mode in Preview Asset in Beta Build 96191

September 20th, 2018, 05:16 AM
Here's an interesting discovery I made whilst replying to joshmeister in another forum thread...

In the latest TRS2019 beta build 96191, go to Content Manager and select the built-in SP SD40T-2 locomotive and then view it in Inspect Mode in Preview Asset...
Looks good, huh?

Now switch the mode to 'Performance Analysis' and see if your rig "canna handle the strain, Jimmie".

In this build and 96000, plus the latest SP3 HF1 beta build in T:ANE, my physical memory use rockets up to >16+ Gb; System Commit to over 63 Gb and CPU utilisation on my i7-4790K goes off the scale. GPU is not too fussed... only moderate use.
I do get a lot of locos stretched across the screen as expected. And System Commit memory use keeps rising until I run out of virtual/ pagefile memory.
BUT - when I return to Inspect mode, the program CTDs and memory returns to around 4.4 Gb.
Suspect that this might be a recently-introduced scripting issue associated with the auto-numbering script; hence the excessive memory and CPU loads.

I went way back to T:ANE SP1 (Build 84204) and got hundreds of SP SD40T-2s marching across my screen in Performance Analysis mode with only a modest amount of CPU/ GPU and RAM utilisation.
My rig didn't protest the load at all this time around.
No crash upon return to Content Manager or Inspect view.

I ran each test at the highest visual quality and performance settings, which is how I run my sessions.

My question therefore is - Are you seeing similar behaviour with this asset (and its bigger brother, the SP SD45) in TRS2019? Or T:ANE SP3?
Neither of these locos has been modified by me in any way - they are current built-ins...

September 20th, 2018, 10:21 AM
Same here only I have 8GB of RAM and got a ctd.

September 20th, 2018, 06:21 PM
Thanks for confirming this issue, whitepass - appreciated!
I am preparing a bug report accordingly.

Further investigations show that the main culprit is the SP SD40T-2 and not the SD45.
This morning I added additional pagefile memory to my system to take the total up to 96 Gb.

This time the Performance Analysis for the SP SD40T-2 completed (since it had sufficient memory headroom) at a count of 16,493,984 triangles (from a single loco count of 65,322).
System Commit memory plateaued at 71 Gb whilst the system also utilised all of my available 16 Gb of DDRAM physical memory.

For the SP SD45, the corresponding totals were a max of 469,314 triangles; 9.0 Gb of System Commit and just 6.9 Gb of physical memory.

It is the CPU that is hammered in this test of the SP SD40T-2 - not the GPU; My 8 Gb GTX-1070 was close to idle throughout and its fans never sped up to compensate for rising temps.