View Full Version : GE STD Cab issue

September 6th, 2018, 05:26 PM
I've been redownlaoding and installing all my JR items into a new installation of TANE on a new PC. On the CSX C40-8 from the Juice Train, the cab <kuid2:45324:90301:1> shows as missing even though I have installed it several times. This corresponds to the TRS 09-10 version of the cab. I also installed the TANE version as well and still it comes up as missing. I'm a bit rusty on all things Trainz, so forgiive me if this is old hat. I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face somewhere.

Thank You

September 6th, 2018, 05:29 PM
Sure your not missing dependencies of the cab itself? Open for Edits?

September 6th, 2018, 05:38 PM
I committed the open items but it is still showing as missing. *scratches head

September 6th, 2018, 05:51 PM
Send us an email with a screenshot, somethings up here. These work fine so somethings getting missed here but i have no idea what im looking at

September 6th, 2018, 05:57 PM
It looks like it's sorted itself out. I downloaded both versions of the cab one more time. The 09-10 version went in this time, which showed as faulty. I installed the TANE version and it cleared up. I guess the 5th time was the charm. I do appreciate the quick response.

September 7th, 2018, 12:15 PM
on Some of those cabs they need a specific cab Shell,