View Full Version : Possible memory leak?

August 27th, 2018, 07:15 PM

here using Windows 7. i7-4770k @ 3.9. 1080 GTX 8GB. 32 GB DDR3 2400 RAM + Pagefile of 32 GB (SSD drive)

I notice that after closing the game the TRS19.exe was still running and was using 13/18GB of RAM !!

Please check pic:


Also before clicking "exit" I notice many of the thumbnails inside content screen were not showed + 3D version of the asset just have the rotating arrow over the preview. Like some kind of waiting/hang but still in control of the mouse. Now TRS19.exe is showing 15 GB used but still active.

Maybe is the Early Access version. Here my Windows is fully clean and very optimized. Game reinstalled and nothing extra added.


August 27th, 2018, 08:25 PM
This is actually pretty normal. TRS19 just like its predecessors, especially T:ANE, is doing some file clean up when you've closed it. The process is a lot quicker than TS12 or other versions before. In the olden days, shutting down the computer immediately resulted in a corrupted database and lengthy "Quick Database Repairs".

Regarding the 3d models, this is not related at all to this. :)

As always I recommend waiting a minute or two after closing T:ANE and TRS19 before turning off our rebooting your computer.