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April 10th, 2018, 05:24 PM
I'm looking for any type of buildings that are typical of the stone and brick structures found in Industrial West Yorkshire - not just factories/mills as I think I've asked in the past but also houses, farm-type buildings and any railway structures - in particlar, I'm after a steam era maintenance shed - maybe 3 or 4 roads rather than anything massive. There was one that was a dark stone or brick, about 2 storeys with big windows which was perfect but I can't find it.

I know there are some on Trainz and the DLS but I just can't find them at the moment; often they have a name that isn't so obvious.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you

April 10th, 2018, 05:33 PM
Would Malc's buildings be any good. Look for houses, etc., by Clam1952. They have CL in their names.

Here's a bunch I grabbed from Content Manager.

<kuid:425700:102157> CL House 19a<kuid:425700:101875> CL House 61c
<kuid:425700:102195> CL House 56
<kuid:425700:102160> CL House 60b
<kuid:425700:102168> CL House 60d
<kuid:425700:101786> CL House 60a
<kuid:425700:102161> CL House 60c
<kuid2:425700:100190:1> CL House 27

I also use these for my area as well across the pond on my New England routes. We have have a lot of Colonial houses which look like these.

Dom Sarto also made some buildings as well which might be suitable.

<kuid2:342053:25440:1> DS Affordable Housing Door 2D
<kuid2:342053:25833:1> DS Building House Cotswolds 05 C
<kuid2:342053:25457:1> DS Shop House Renameable 01
<kuid2:342053:25777:1> DS Building House Coswolds 01
<kuid2:342053:25830:1> DS Building House Cotswolds 04T
<kuid2:342053:25829:1> DS Building House Cotswolds 04
<kuid2:342053:25807:1> DS Building House Rural House 02
<kuid2:342053:25087:1> DS House 001 type A 2
<kuid2:342053:25727:1> DS Building House Cottage Warminster
<kuid2:342053:25703:1> DS Building House Townhouse 44 Terrace
<kuid2:342053:25831:1> DS Building House Cotswolds 05 A
<kuid2:342053:25883:1> DS Building House derelict 02
<kuid2:342053:25799:1> DS Building House Townhouse No47B
<kuid2:342053:25847:1> DS Building House Townhouse No52
<kuid2:342053:25708:1> DS Building Industrial Derelict Warehouse
<kuid2:342053:25536:1> DS Farmhouse 02
<kuid2:342053:25453:1> DS Georgian House No 6
<kuid2:342053:25454:1> DS Georgian House No 6 Decrepit
<kuid2:342053:25357:1> DS Parochial House Craggy Island
<kuid2:342053:25101:1> DS House 001 mixed terrace A
<kuid2:342053:25090:1> DS House 001 type B 2
<kuid2:342053:25224:1> DS Stone House 02
<kuid2:342053:25032:1> DS Office CHEYNE HOUSE
<kuid2:342053:25219:1> DS Stone House 01
<kuid2:342053:25225:1> DS Stone House 03
<kuid2:342053:25226:1> DS Stone House 04
<kuid2:342053:25227:1> DS Stone House 05