View Full Version : Having Trouble Downloading Content From The erecting hall and SRS trainz

May 9th, 2017, 07:08 PM
I have been trying to download content from The Erecting Hall and SRS Trainz, but having trouble. On SRS trainz for example, when I click on "Download now" it takes me to a screen full of jumbled characters like this:

ACS$]q.qassets!q! usernameUP Flag painted SD70Mkuid Z trainz-build9@category-classALcategory-regionUS! category-era1990s;2000s;2010skindtraincar engine enginespec u; mass enginesound \ interior Y hornsound [ fonts fonts-pathup_sd70mscriptsrsloco.gsclasssrsloco$ descriptionUP Flag painted SD70MLlicenseUP Flag painted SD70M **************************************** *Modeled,textured & configured by srs (Sashika Rangana) *Engine specs from n8phu *Engine sounds from Trainman10 *Running numbering & Chameleon scripts from eldavo *Swaying Script by Pencil42 **************************************** This is a freeware content and take this content for comercial use / release this content to public under another author KUIDs are prohibited. Reskins are allowed to personal use only. **************************************** All Rights Reserved.©2015.www.srstrainz.com.authorsrs (Sashika Rangana)$contact-emailsrstrainz@gmail.com$contact-websitewww.srstrainz.com mesh-tableLdefault(meshup_sd70m_body/numbers/numbers.im auto-createloco#meshup_sd70m_body/sd75m_body.im auto-create att-parentdefault atta.swayTeffectsG main1-texkindtexture-replacementtexturemain1.textureG main2-texkindtexture-replacementtexturemain2.textureWfront_couplers kindattachmentatta.limfront default-mesh SUrear_couplerskindattachmentatta.limback  default-mesh S*fan1 meshup_sd70m_body/fan/fan.im auto-create"animup_sd70m_body/fan/anim.kinanimation-loop-speed atta.fan0 att-parentloco*fan2 meshup_sd70m_body/fan/fan.im auto-create"animup_sd70m_body/fan/anim.kinanimation-loop-speed? atta.fan1 att-parentloco*fan3 meshup_sd70m_body/fan/fan.im auto-create"animup_sd70m_body/fan/anim.kinanimation-loop-speed? atta.fan2 att-parentloco4shadow'meshup_sd70m_shadow/sd75m_shadow.imCdefault-night-forward'meshup_sd70m_night/light_forward.imEdefault-night-backward(meshup_sd70m_night/light_backward.imgbogeys+0 reversedbogey R+1 reversedbogey R extensions rollingindex0.7 rollingf10.1 rollingf20.15 jumpingindex0.7 jumpingf10.11 jumpingf20.13 doormodifier0.1}chameleon-751345chameleon_default_liveriestex01$1#tex02$1# tex03$1.chameleon_main_texturesmain1-tex#main2-texWnumberit-75134numberit_prefix4 numberit_min279 numberit_max634 thumbnailsP0'imageup_sd70m_im ages/sd70m_icon.tga width height@R1)imageup_sd70m_images/loco_preview.jpg width height kuid-table engine_spec u; engine_sound \bogey R interior Yhorn [numberit_library ~%chameleon_library ~%body-textures X couplers Sswaying  compressionLZSSqfiles srsloco.gs/ވJK( w!}y$QV:?*xWU~K ` *luN& MtjC {~ r0g6T{/R)%p?^NNKy !KHv^]DPtZ8Hvx Y*Au1!'Aic A6܍hTM4l)Jq{V *&.+!Kf>D[p#0WSQ܏F0"2m̬X2nAGyMdpo?+ꃝ}8&)`z #G2y&t09SNoA(hA֕ǡ5- 9?2?dߎww H"`C*mBn/WOVNPHYƯbE[t3mKƸ||Kݥ8@xgؿ|oc .["_νpAgo7kx'Qfg}[,lχ] vi-W^-Ur*y_F ]F9oI=!fweȝ/D:u4WAs!qbNڻv$='gϞōnPw?\l iW3r>fp Qqq{WZglh] ckk~ `ԁhXק;0iU8aDE0G+P `UӬn9-gS v"=J 嫜O4XNJ8tT&,X];Q+<boxY4qs| 5I:ט5w `N< u<?L@ aWתOk-9^o]up_sd70m_alpha_numbersalphanumber_0a.tga,@)wn ]8;'/a G v6liVڋs #Ɍ0Tt~]WκAf茴ZٲrOBDT_BDQ["{*Ik(cr'P7D) O_x!3}`Bd•Bx$;BG&,? L  `2)*pEe=_ q9?A3A5 $C2 d!m@#mLbsRPl >`Ad~qҫ" n <R'`@S1d4?~_  A$0<@ Z/GE4` pcv&p!H$ 8

Does anyone have any experience figuring this out? Thanks in advance!

May 9th, 2017, 07:40 PM
What web browser are you using?


May 9th, 2017, 09:22 PM
I assume you are using FireFox or Chrome, which both do this.

Right-click on the link.

Choose save as...

Make sure the extension (last part of the file after the . (dot) is cdp.

This will download the right file.

May 10th, 2017, 05:50 AM
I am using the Edge browser and it does that for me also.

May 10th, 2017, 07:26 AM
Works OK for me using chrome on either site.

May 10th, 2017, 09:46 AM
I am using the Edge browser and it does that for me also.

It has something to do with the file-encoding on the website then. The solution is still the same:


Choose Save As

Change the extension from htm, or whatever it is, to CDP.

You'll now have a CDP file.

May 10th, 2017, 12:55 PM
I am at work for a few more hours, will try when I get home later. Thanks for the tip.