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March 13th, 2017, 12:29 AM
This one is on the Mojave Sub of mine. California highways are full of hay haulers.

Here is the content recipe for the big rig cow fodder machine as follows:

tractor: Truck Kenworth Static Primemover righthand driver,<kuid2:97008:30064:1> by willem 2
flatbed semitrailer: 45ft trailer2,<kuid2:113556:300005:2> by sporbust
spline to fabricate custom trailer bulkhead: Fence-3 bar,<kuid2:133671:50010:1> by railcentre
hay load (use 48 bales total for a three-tier stack, position the bales neatly long ways with the trailer as shown in the pictures, bales can be moved, raised and rotated to position them): HayBale,<kuid2:69695:87:1> by idiotbuoy

This is a rare case of spline used to make a custom part of a static scenery object as a vehicle! Wood fence works great for railings on static flatbeds. Note that I used 2 additional intermediate spline points to add more vertical posts to the trailer front end bulkhead rail fence for realism. The devil is in the details. Give your self a couple of hours to load the hay with your mouse in the neat stack on the trailer! I don't know what content to use to make the tie-down straps for the hay load.

March 13th, 2017, 12:40 AM
In Australia we have an organisation that collects hay for farmers in drought areas then they convoy them to that area anything up to 50 trucks - any chance you can make me up 50 truck loads for a route I am working on?

March 13th, 2017, 12:48 AM
Actually, it took me about three hours just to assemble this only one. I would have to charge you 20 American dollars per hour to build 50 of them but I don't know how to build hay trucks as a content creator that you can grab from DLS and just plop down on your route ready-made! :D

My thread is to prove that neato things can be cleverly made, with work, time and patience, out of what content is available off the shelf already. Part of the fun of this hobby.

Surely, some clever content creator could whip up pre-loaded hay trucks for distribution. You could use another Trainz content tractor as a Freightliner but I am a Kenworth man. Aussies love the look and sound of classic American iron too. Love that big brush guard on the Aussie version of the KW tractor along with those classic round quad headlights and fog lamps. I used the right-hand tractor for American roads. No razorback hog on the outback ( and no grizzly bear, moose or buffalo in the American wild-wild west) will stand in the way of that merciless tough rig!

March 13th, 2017, 01:00 AM
The devil is in the details. Give your self a couple of hours to load the hay with your mouse in the neat stack on the trailer!

Then, of course, you will later decide to preposition the truck. That will involve individually moving each object to its new position and aligning them correctly with each other - but at least their heights will probably still be correct.

This is a technique I use often to create "custom assets" by combining existing assets in new ways.

March 13th, 2017, 01:41 AM
That truck of mine is going nowhere fast forever! Mind made up for good. It is very close to my line to look at whenever I drive my train thru Tehachapi!

Yes, don't go thru all that trouble in loading a static truck tediously unless you know dam well it will stay there for good. I put other loads in other static vehicles as well as pallets with oil drums on flatbed trucks and a single bale of horse fodder or a dog or two in a pickup. How about a cow on the back of a Fargo farm truck?

I even once carefully positioned a golden retriever in the back seat of a static 53 Chevy with his head out the window near my train line. I used a sitting Victorian boy figure to put behind the wheel of a static 54 Oldsmobile at a grade crossing. Grown men figures are too big. The boy looks like a grown man behind the wheel however. I put a farmer figure in a hat behind the wheel of a Freightliner truck at another grade crossing and I put farmer figures on John Deere tractors to boot.

Some static horses will fit inside the "horsefloat" content horse trailer. You can put cows in cattle trucks too. Much finicky positioning with Surveyor tools.

I put captain figures, sailors, dogs and people on static boats. I have bicycle rider scenery along road shoulders.

I have parked static cars along spline streets with still enough room for the Traffic Carz to pass them without side-swiping them.

March 13th, 2017, 06:18 AM
I figure spending 150 hours doing 50 odd hay trucks is a bit to long so I cheated and did it in 10 min