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December 3rd, 2016, 12:52 PM
Hi everyone. I am running Trainz A New Era on a mac. I am trying to set up a logging session with Log-Stack-Industrie-201-TS12 and Log-Stack-Industrie-102-ts12 1 Using 3 cars, Tune-300593-Loging-Flatcar-Milw1, 399599 UP and 300596 UP. I have tied loading and unloading the cars. Is there a special set of cars for this industry? I also tried different flat cars and skeleton cars. Thanks for all the fun funnnyfarm

December 3rd, 2016, 04:19 PM
No special set of cars but... you have to have the logs in the
industry queue match those that are acceptable to the cars
you are trying to load.

Check the kuid of the products produced by the industry and
see if you can match that in the queue of the cars.

The cars will only load those that match in both industry
and car queues.

Thats not so straight forward but I hope it gives you
a clue as to where to look.


December 3rd, 2016, 10:25 PM
So if you go into the Content Manager and select any of the Log-Stack-industrie and right click List Dependencies you will see a list of stuff. What you are interested in is the Commodities.

<kuid2:82412:201010:1> Products-Log-Stack-40-01-TS12
<kuid2:82412:201011:1> Products-Log-Stack-50-01-TS12
<kuid2:82412:201012:1> Products-Log-Stack-23-01-TS12
<kuid2:86661:9440305:2> 32ft logstack
<kuid2:86661:9440306:3> 40ft logstack
<kuid2:86661:9440307:2> 16ft logstack

Then if you right click on each of these and list Dependants you will see a list of everything that uses those commodities that you have installed and looking at the ones classed as Train you have a list of cars that will work with the industries.

Or you can go from the other direction and look at the dependencies of the rail cars you want to use and then find industries that support them.

Weirdly enough doing that for TUME's logging cars gives you something like this.

<kuid2:82412:300671:1> TUME-300671-Log-Stack-40-TS12
<kuid2:82412:300672:1> TUME-300672-Log-Stack-50-TS12
<kuid2:82412:300673:1> TUME-300673-Log-Stack-23-TS12
<kuid2:82412:300674:1> TUME-300674-Steel-Pipes
<kuid2:82412:300675:1> TUME-300675-Steel-Pipes
<kuid2:82412:300676:1> TUME-300676-Steel-Pipes

As you can see there is no overlap, in other words you can't load TUME's logging cars from TUME's logging industrie. Odd that. :confused:

Edit: Ah ha! While Log-Stack-Industrie-201-TS12 and Log-Stack-Industrie-102-ts12 1 and the rail cars are payware and can't be altered if you can replace the industries with <kuid2:82412:5000051:2> Log-Stack-Industrie-101 and <kuid2:82412:5000052:2> Log-Stack-Industrie-201 these have the correct commodities to load some rail cars but still not the TUME cars. Both industries are on the DLS. :D

If that doesn't work you should contact TUME and ask him to update his logging cars.

Edit again; turns out that TUME has three sets of three sets of stacked logs and none obsolete any of the others. The two sets that have the TS12 post script are seasonal and would work best with his seasonal rail cars. The MILW logging car is not payware and it should be possible to modify it to accept all three sets of stacked logs but I have not attempted it yet.

December 3rd, 2016, 11:22 PM
Wonders never cease to amaze around here, and I have some TUME Cars too, thanks for the good info.......

December 3rd, 2016, 11:23 PM
:wave: Wonders never cease to amaze around here, and I have some TUME Cars too, thanks for the good info.......

December 3rd, 2016, 11:38 PM
The best choice may be to concentrate on the more commonly used assets

<kuid2:86661:9440305:2> 32ft logstack
<kuid2:86661:9440306:3> 40ft logstack
<kuid2:86661:9440307:2> 16ft logstack

If you check the dependants of these it will list all the rail cars you have installed that will work with the industry. Some that I have listed are "Logs 45ft" cars by sureshot28, "Logs 50ft" by philskene, and "Flatcar 53ft" by davesnow.

I'm sure that you could find more US flats and logging cars that match your session on the DLS that would work with these commodities.

December 4th, 2016, 08:27 AM
The Philskene Logs 50ft wagon will load the Logstack industries if you add it to the queues.

December 4th, 2016, 10:10 AM
OK there is a way to achieve exactly what you want FunnyFarm. Trainz is remarkably flexible. This does not require any modification of anything.

In your session setup you will have to create a consist of logging cars and then for each different type of car (for instance each of the three TUME cars) click on one of them using the "?" rail car settings. Add to each of the first three load types (load0, load1, and load2) by clicking on the "+" the products used by TUME's industrie, (Poducts-Log-Stack-40-01-TS12, Products-Log-Stack-50-01-TS12, and Products-Log-Stack-23-01-TS12). Then click on the icon at the top "copy to compatible vehicles". Do this for each type of car and save the session.

I've tested this and it works fine.

http://hostthenpost.org/uploads/7516bd33a0fdaa71a98cf10479de78a8.jpg (http://hostthenpost.org)

BTW some other rail cars you might want to use, philskene's log 50ft is an updated version of cjlear's log 50ft cars and cjlear has a few more that work fine (gotta get them all), DaveSnow has some logging skeletons that are nice and Btvfd has done 54 repaints of them (gotta get them all).

All these can be "fixed" as above to load TUME's products.

Have fun funnyfarm!

December 4th, 2016, 02:40 PM
Thanks for all the great help. And all the fun. funnnyfarm

December 4th, 2016, 05:01 PM
f-farm --

If your T:ANE for Mac is the same as my T:ANE for Windows you could also try this method: