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November 8th, 2016, 05:32 PM
I know I've seen this talked about sometime in the past in the Forums but have never seen it happen. Has anyone created/released any commodity/product flatcar loads of railcars with bogeys removed (possibly with tie down chains), bogeys with blocking & chains, and cradles (the things the railcars without bogeys set on) that can be loaded onto suitable flatcars?

I did "create" the loads shown in the pictures with a little experimentaion, but they cannot be shared due to copyright restrictions. When I say "created" I mean I cloned other peoples traincar and scenerary items and converted them to products and did some position and orientaion adjustments to the products as needed to make them fit. So, what you see on each car is actually three products; one is the railcar, one is the set of bogeys, and the other is the "cradles" supporting the railcar. Also, I used a cloned traincar (flatcar) that already had numerous product attachment points but I still had to add a couple of new attachment points using PEV's Attachment Maker tool to move the bogeys further toward the ends of the flatcar. These cars all have to be manually loaded and the config files (both products and flatcar) require significant modifications to make everything work easily.





I am not a content creator but it would be great if "someone" would create some railcar loads (usually damaged boxcars, tankcars, covered hoppers are the most common flatcar loads I see) that include tie down chains, etc. similar to this for Trainz that could load on many flatcars that have a center load attachment point.

I am not going to share the detailed process here because it is too lengthy but it is really not that hard. First you find "suitable" rail cars (I used several) to clone and convert to products. Next you will need something (cradle or whatever) for the cars to rest on without their bogeys (I used a scenery crate cloned and converted to a product). Then you need a traincar bogey cloned and convert to a product. Finally (or possibly first) you need to select a flatcar(s) to clone and modify to accept your loads.

Here is a list of assets I cloned and modified for my persoanl use only:

Barber S-2-b Trucks BlackDES,<kuid:101046:102486>
Crate Wooden RD29 caisse3,<kuid:455946:2549>
T50TFLFL STSX Auto# (51200-51599) Tate&Lyle (Staley) 17600gal TR-47'9in (Corn Syrup) DES,<kuid:101046:102570>
LO CR #889112 ACF4Bay (PA10),<kuid:7592:2010203>
50ft Boxcar BNSF #728777 HyCube,<kuid:146523:500021>
T50TPLPL CSXT #993356 20800gal Fuel,<kuid:620621:100044>
LO NS #67567 ACF3Bay 14Hatch (PA8),<kuid2:55290:15223:1>
LO ADMX #50163 ACF3Bay (PA8),<kuid2:127320:51083:1>
LO TILX #3342 Trinity2Bay (PA8),<kuid:101046:101121>

Here are a few pointers:

- Your selections for the products need to be at or brought up to a Trainz build number that accepts the Position and Orientation tags in the mesh-table section. I think that is 2.9 or above. The rail cars need to set as close to the flatcar deck as they can to avoid high-wide loads. You will have to lower them via the Position adjustments. For the bogeys I had to rotate them 90 degrees (Orientation) and raise them (Position). For the crate/cradle they required a 90 degree rotation (Orientation) and some movement to center and lower them on the attachment points (Position).

- For the traincar to product conversion, avoid railcars that have multiple entries in the mesh-table (except for a shadow entry, which you can delete). This excludes most cars that use scripting for things such as opening hopper hatches, etc. because very strange things happen when you attemp to load them on your flatcar. Also, you will lose ARN for your product version so it may be best to select a car with a permanent car number.

- For the flatcar, select one if possible that already has numerous load points. With the one I used I only had to add two additional load points for the bogeys using PEV's Attachment Maker. You will also have to modify the queues tag to add your new products as well as to add a Load that uses your newly created attachment points. I just deleted all the old attachment points and loads other than the ones I needed for the 3 new products but you can leave them all if you desire and simply add the new product kuids to exiting attachment point and add the new attachment points as a new load for the outboard bogeys. Get rid of the "Conflicts-With" statements for any Load where you enter the product railcar(s), cradle, and/or bogey or else you will not be able to load all three at the same time. I think it is best (and less confusing) to use this flatcar only to load these new railcars, cradle, and bogey.