View Full Version : JR Amtrak P42 Payware not working.

September 26th, 2016, 05:43 PM
So, about a day ago, I got JointedRail's payware Amtrak P42 locomotive. After I downloaded it, I looked under Faulty in "More Content" and found out that it had missing dependencies. I tried finding them using kuidtrainzindex, but I got 0 results. Can you help me? What am I missing?

September 26th, 2016, 06:38 PM
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In order for the TKI to find your Jointed Rail assets, you need to login into Jointed Rail's website. In the event that you can't find your assets, I recommend contact Jointed Rail regarding this issue.


September 29th, 2016, 05:50 AM
Go to JR, login, and use their search function. Enter only the KUID number - leave the "KUID:" off the number.