View Full Version : An issue with QHG T-intersections

September 24th, 2016, 11:14 PM
Hi all, been some time since i've got to catch up on my Trainz thing.Right now, I'm trying to get the finishing touches done on the updated version of my North Bay NG Routes, ( Yes there's going to be a 30in. & 36in. Gauge, For Trainz a New Era.) The problem I'm having with the Qhg T-intersections Is This Red Flag: [VE112: Multiple track stretches between 'a.road0e' and 'a.road0f' in container 'attached-track'. Track stretches must be unique.] What dose that mean? (I'm having an Old Age moment.) Thank you to my fellow Trainzers.-----------As soon as the issue is fixed I'll be posting some screenshots for all to have a look at it. :wave: --Robert--