View Full Version : Trainz Commonwealth Railways NM25

August 31st, 2016, 01:56 PM
I feel bad always turning to the community to ask questions you would think I could answer myself. I have been searching all over the web for a model of the Commonwealth Railways (of Australia)'s NM24 4-8-0. This is a 3ft 6" loco currently running on the Pichi Richi (one of 2 preserved from a class of 20). I remember running this engine in TS12 on my old computer and have been looking for it. It may have been a reskin I did from the QR 4-8-0s on the DLS but I thought it was a model does anyone else know of this engine and if there is a model for Trainz or if not (and I'm remembering a reskin I did). I am losing my mind over this and hope someone else can confirm it. I am starting to doubt myself after looking all over (DLS and on web) but remember running her.