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August 11th, 2016, 03:35 PM
i recentyl found this site called trainzfogre and i saw that this cool dude named jackson barn and he mad a route named the lake and erie eastren and his content looks really spice and i was wondring if i cud get his alochol locos and i can make some pretty nice trainz ipad ruotes and repaints so i was wondering if i cud help u with ur route :D

August 11th, 2016, 04:08 PM
No registration, no answer. Go to the helpdesk to find out how to register your trainz serial number.

August 11th, 2016, 04:11 PM
do u know where i can contact jackson i sent him a freind request but he has not responded to me yet

August 11th, 2016, 04:12 PM
a bit harsh there, gattka504, who pissed in your Cheerios? You could have offerred him a link to the help desk, at least, without berating his spelling or grammar. Geez...

August 11th, 2016, 04:13 PM
the_grabbler - the first question is which version are you using? The reason I ask is because your timeline next to your username isn't showing any versions.


August 11th, 2016, 04:20 PM
There is a link to the helpdesk at the top. But now that I reread that post,*silence*.

August 11th, 2016, 04:22 PM
Wait until he is online.

August 11th, 2016, 04:23 PM
do u know where i can contact jackson i sent him a freind request but he has not responded to me yet

I'm not sure if he accepts friend requests. There is a private message system available by clicking his name but you may be waiting a bit for a response.


August 11th, 2016, 04:53 PM
As far as I know, Jackson only accepts friend requests from people he knows. I'm pretty sure he will contact you if he's interested, if he isn't then he won't. You COULD try PMing him, but I doubt he'll respond......

He's the one who usually contacts people, not the other way around.


August 11th, 2016, 05:47 PM
I'd just PM the guy rather than make a new thread.

>this thread...lmao
https://2static1.fjcdn.com/comments/They+call+it+a+grabbler+normal+people+call+it+_4f3 c7cd3f3fd19850d1d8bdde8ba5ea3.jpg