View Full Version : TANE - Ghost trains trains still on map, but invisible

July 19th, 2016, 05:44 AM
I am using The Timber Ridge Line layout (original design by klinger) and over the years converted it to my needs.
Except for a handful of trains (which are to be used in any session) all trains are placed in the session.
After importing the layout into TANE (now build 82718) and further editing suddenly trains begin to disappear – two different scenarios:

First scenario:
After a train wreck (which occurred out of my view) the not derailed cars of the train remained on the track, but are not visible.
Only in surveyor, when you zoom out to the blue map, they are indicated as consists (sorry, I made screenshots to illustrate the problem, but posting permissions don't allow me to post attachments).
They cannot be picked with the Get Train menu and so cannot be identified or deleted.
Unfortunately, they are still on the track and thus stop all traffic on the line.

Second scenario:
While working on junction settings in the session next (but in “2-blocks”-distance) to train 471, the entire train suddenly disappeared from the screen.
This train is not visible at all neither in route layer nor in session, close-up or zoom-out.
But, it is still on the track blocking it effectively.
I have deleted – as I knew, which train it was – all items for this train out of the config-file. But the train which was placed there in session is still there in route and shows up only in the find object menu and will be pinned down with it (yet remain invisible).

Are there any ideas how to get rid of these ghost trains? I hope I don't have missed out another thread with a good explanation for this.

My workaround is like this:
I disconnected the track as close as possible to the ghost trains and laid identical new tracks over them.

For the first scenario I found a solution:
Using the "Tools" (F5)-Menu > copy and paste > select area (which is similar and has no cars) with "paste track" activated >paste mode.
The consists disappeared in the map and don't show in the find object menu anymore.

This did not work with the second scenario.
But now the cars of the disappeared train 471 show as red rectangles when I zoom out - but only in the little time between the last glimpse of the landscape and appearance of the blue map. Still no way to select them.