View Full Version : Store sale already over?

June 30th, 2016, 03:00 PM

i thought about to buy a few dlcs in the simulatorcentral.com store because there "was" a sale going on.
Now if you review and/or add these items to your cart, there is the same price before the discount was applied - even if
there is still the low price shown on the "main"-page.
The question now is - is the Sale already over or am i missing some point? I have a few dlc's already bought in another
store (e.g. 3dzug.de) so i would appreciate it to buy them (again, but this time over N3V) at an lower price - if the Sale is still going on.

PS.: if it's the wrong subforum i apologize and would ask to move it. Thanks in advance. :)


June 30th, 2016, 03:27 PM
Think the price is adjusted when you go to the payment stage, you can always backout if it isn't. I wouldn't hang about though as I believe it ends on the 30th and it's already the 1st in Australia

June 30th, 2016, 04:03 PM
Thought about that too. I was already at the review stage but the price was still without the discount.
If i have to pay the full price again so shall it be, it would just have been a little savings.