View Full Version : What's to become of TrainzLand and Modula City

March 19th, 2016, 12:33 AM
Yep another one of these posts just to annoy and bring up the ever present topic about what's in store for Modula City V3.6 that was previewed almost 6 years ago.
There has been little discussion about it on the previous times it's been brought up. And answers differ from time to time. CAB, Marinus and coerni have also been inactive as long as the recent December. I had sent a message about it to Marinus but he never answered back. On the other hand, they have their lives too and it's been ultimately some time since Modula City debuted in Trainz 2004 and 2006. And there was one videos from TrainsOfBVG where you can see the caves in the preview but that is the only video out there:
In my search to find V3.6 I was unsuccessful. So I wanted to make one final attempt to get any way of finding out what the game is on Modula City.

The point of this is to find out:
A. Is there a Modula City V3.6?
B. Is there an available download for V3.6?
C. What's in store for Trainzland and Modula City?

For those who can answer, thank you for your knowledge and time.