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February 6th, 2016, 04:06 PM
Could someone please give me some assistance with this tutorial? http://www.g0akh.f2s.com/Trainz/Basemap_tutorial.html Some of it makes sense but I don't entirely understand it, the wording is just confusing me. Also, I'd like to use Google Maps instead of a printed map, and it talks about a folder that I need to put a file in, but I don't know where that is on a Mac. (My route goes from Palmerton, PA, to Lehighton, PA, so i think the DEM is included in the existing RBMN route. If it isn't could someone supply me with the DEM?)

February 6th, 2016, 04:14 PM
What you do is make 1x by 1x images from the map you want to have in Trainz. The tutorial suggest X to be 1km, so shorts of 1000m by 1000m. Store those screenshots where you can find them easy.
Next: Install that cdp; it will be a an asset that turns 1 image into an object in Surveyor.
Clone the object a bunch of times (for as many screenshots you have).
Edit each object to contain 1 screenshot.

Does this help you get on the road?

To get the DEM, buy TransDem, as (as far as I know) the license of TransDem does not allow creating dems for others.

PS; there is some software the can plot the 1x by 1x squares into GoogleMaps. I got the software for it and I know it is freeware, but I can find it. Maybe someone else has an idea.

February 6th, 2016, 04:25 PM
There are several size basemaps, I use the 1km x 1km

They are best moved around on a baseboard that is @ 4km x 4km size, and a tricky to find handling point moves them about without them flying away. I also like to change my trainzoptions/surveyor FOV to @ 125, which gives a wider fish eye field of view (but T:ANE has no trainzoption file ... bummer) !

In Google Earth you can draw a 1km line ruler/path/kilometers, then draw another line and that will show a total of 2km (if you draw a complete square box the total circumference will be 4km)

You can zoom in as close to fullscreen, and center the image as best as possible, and this will give you a good roughed out, high quality 1km x 1km image (that you can capture using the MS Snipping Tool, in your PC tools)

You can use MS Paint, and past it overall the BasemapA aqua or white image, rename the config file username line tag ... save and commit

February 6th, 2016, 04:30 PM
here is some software the can plot the 1x by 1x squares into GoogleMaps. I got the software for it and I know it is freeware, but I can find it. Maybe someone else has an idea.Found it!

GEPath (or GoogleEarth path).
Officially it is for the previous version of Google Earth, but ignore that. What it does is create a KML file which can be loaded in any (newer) version of Google Earth.

It requires a bit of fooling around with the right coordinates, but once you figured that out it can be really helpful in creating the 1x by 1x squares (I am using 720x720 myself as they are the size of baseboards with a self made asset).

February 6th, 2016, 05:06 PM
Thanks for the assistance everyone! I think I know what to do know.

EDIT: Actually, I need help getting the 1km grid into google earth. I put the file in the plugins folder, but I don't know how to use it.