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January 26th, 2016, 05:32 PM
Many of you will probably know I have always had an interest in the NER's electrification program started in mid-1910s and subsequently abandoned upon grouping in 1923. For a long time, I have wanted to build a route representing the 10-mile stretch of line between Newport and Shildon, electrified as an experiment in 1915. It was the first such mainline to be electrified in the UK, and would be the only one until the completion of the Woodhead electrification project many years later in 1951. Of course, many suburban and metro lines were electrified before that, but the Newport & Shildon electrification scheme was the first on such a large scale, and it was intended as a progenitor to a series of electrified lines across the North of England, culminating in Sir Vincent Raven's plans to electrify the ECML, many years before it actually was.
A NER EF1 Bo-Bo seen under the wires before the catenary was energised, in July 1915.

You'd think a Trainz route only 10 miles long would not be a significant undertaking, but there have been many obstacles to my attempts to model it in the past. For a start, the catenary, which is of a very unusual design. Furthermore, they are some rather massive yards at both ends of the route. Shildon, is of course, where the NRM's Northern annex is located and the museum is basically slap-bang on top of where the electric line used to run. Route information is not particularly hard to find, as the line remained open long after the wires had been taken down in the 1930s.
Relevant route highlighted in red

The sole EE1 locomotive on an exceedingly long test train, which as far as I know is the only photo in existence of it moving under it's own power. This shot also shows well the unusual American-style catenary system.

The biggest obstacle however, by far, was the complete lack of locomotives for it. I could have built the route ages ago (as soon as I could find a suitable catenary), but what's the point if you haven't got the locomotives that ran on it? Not to mention that they aren't too many NER wagons about. However, this situation is beginning to change, as Paul of PaulzTrainz has now made some high-quality NER coal wagons of the type used commonly in the North East. As for the locomotives, well, there was nothing- until now:
Of course, I want this route to be of the very highest quality. It will be developed in TS2010 SP3, my preferred version. but I will hopefully test it thoroughly in TS12 and of course T:ANE. If anyone has any other information or resources on the line and is willing to share, please PM me.

June 18th, 2016, 03:22 AM
Excuse me, but that EE1 is not a public model, it was only a private model made by someone on the Sodor Island forums.

June 18th, 2016, 04:25 AM
Kinda selfish of them...I've pretty much forgotten about this project now, but still...it's something many people would quite like, so to make one and say "Oh no, you can't have it, it's just for me" seems a bit unfair. But nobody can force him to release it, I suppose.

June 29th, 2016, 11:52 AM
Yeah, I dont think it even was for Trainz, I gotta ask him(Sketch).