View Full Version : Question to Chris about Track Circuit Blocks and SP1

December 1st, 2015, 03:01 AM
Hi Chris.

I am about to implement in some of my scripts some new code to detect if in some locations on tracks if there are some consists or not.

It was announced when Tane was initially specified that there will be something new called Track Circuit Blocks that should be able to detect if there are some trains or not on some stretch of tracks (even crossing some junctions limits).
From my discussions with Terry about Interlocking Tower, I have understood that currently Track Circuit Blocks have been implemented, but not today really tested and that the trackside objects needed to use this functionality are not currently delivered but are trivial to make with some new tags in the trackside config file.

My question is : can we today try to use track circuit blocks to detect the presence of some consists (the track circuit blocs I would need will not have to cross junctions) or is it too early and I need to implement some type of track circuit block emulation using trackside objects and track search along the track to check the presence of consists ? And of course, if the answer is yes you can use it, how can we define track circuit block and track circuit block limits by using which tags in the config file ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


January 13th, 2016, 02:21 AM
This system is available in SP1 and should be working fully.

There are two builtin assets which can be used to define a Track Circuit Block (TCB). "Track Circuit Detector", <kuid:401543:3230> and "Track Circuit Insulator", <kuid:401543:3231>. The detector object is what creates the TCB, effectively 'filling' an area of track. The insulator is used to terminate/insulate that block. Both objects can be found in the trackmarks tab in Surveyor.

There is currently nothing in game that uses them so I can't provide any example scripts, but take a look at the TrackCircuitBlock.gs script file for some basic information.