View Full Version : Editing Scripts in TANE

November 24th, 2015, 07:43 AM
I like to edit scripts in a source folder which is external to my TRS installation, using Trainzutil Compile to check the syntax before dragging and dropping the entire folder into CM to update the asset. Using the following sequence I am running into some problems:

1. With the Launcher window and a CM window open.
2. Edit script in external folder, save script.
3. Run Trainzutil Compile, correct any errors.
4. Drop asset folder into CM, submit edits.
5. Run Trainz and test asset.
6. Go back to script source and make further changes.
7. Run Trainzutil Compile ....... this is where everything goes arse over apex.

Having followed this sequence the new call to Trainzutil does not return, it hangs the application. To get back on track I need to close the current Launcher and CM windows at which point the outstanding Trainzutil call returns with 'Improper response from TANE'. I then need to use Task Manager to clear out superfluous TANE processes and restart the game before I can make any progress.

What's going on? Particularly why are we still having these issues with queued multiple instances of the Launcher?