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November 23rd, 2015, 02:42 PM
There are some 9,000 aliased assets, and approx. 6,000 paintshed many of which are also aliased. The number of alias sources is significantly less (probably <200).

Currently these aliased assets become invisible at TB 3.0 where they are obsolete. Tag Alias also is obsoleted along with several paintshed tags.

Thus these assets cannot be upversioned in their original form above TB 2.9, although TANE can use them due to compatability.

The majority of these aliased assets are kind 'traincar' locos, tenders or rolling stock.
The remainder occur in kinds bogey, bridge, building, fixed track, industry, interior, mesh, scenery, and track, as well as category people, spline, track object, tunnel and vehicle.

I have been looking for ways to upversion these assets to TB 4.3 but most of them run foul of the current poly count policies (>500, >10,000, or at least 20% LOD rule).
So initially I have concentrated on getting them as far as TB 3.7 where the poly rules only generate warnings rather than errors.

I thought I had found a simple, quick and elegant method using mesh-asset whereby as long as the asset had a mesh-table identical to the alias source asset I could rename the alias tag as mesh-asset in each of the meshes involved.
This avoided the need to use a mesh library with multiple assets. Essentially the alias source asset would behave like a mesh library for one class of object.

This produces lovely visible objects at TB 3.7 but they are totally void of textures, or the textures are clones of the alias source.
In other words the textures are the source's textures, not like the aliased assets where the object uses the alias source mesh in conjunction with the local textures.

From this I assume then that currently mesh-assets require the textures to be in the same folder as the meshes.

Can mesh-asset be extended to provide objects based on the alias source but with local textures?
Would these mesh-asset based assets still suffer performance penalties similar to aliased assets?

November 23rd, 2015, 08:07 PM
It can be done but its not quite as straightforward as you might wish.

See this post. (http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showthread.php?121169-Alias-and-Reskins&p=1423190#post1423190)

November 23rd, 2015, 08:42 PM
SailorDan was kind enough to dig this up for me.


I see what you mean Andi.

Guess I now know what my 2016 task will be.

By the way, according to CM my conversion of tag 'alias' to 'mesh-asset' as described in my first post, clears the errors. The loss of the textures is obviously not subject to validation.