View Full Version : ?yes and No - A bob each way on validation

November 7th, 2015, 11:01 PM
KUID2:70337:24001:1-24994:1 Category Track Object TTR trackend

Assets are KIND mosignal. I was testing these at TB 4.2 and TB 4.3 and got an error. Well two actually when I repaired erroneously by adding tag 'light 1'.

Error messages then:

- VE60: Required tag 'light' was missing and has been set to default.
- VE44: Tag 'light' in the container 'mosignal' is obsolete.

I dont know about geek speak, but in plain English one of these is wrong, or is it?

In other KINDS VE44 is the correct validation in TANE for tag "light".

Whereas in KIND "mosignal" the tags Signals\*\light are missing in these assets. So both were right, but confusing.

I recommend a change of wording for VE60.