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November 7th, 2015, 04:13 PM
I'm in build Trainzdev 79135.
I have three instals

1. TANE Std
2. TANE Deluxe
3. TANE everything, except outstanding DLC and ex TS12 builtins not part of TANE builtins.

Instals 1 and 2 do not show any pink and green trees.
Instal 3 does on both builtin and other routes.

The pink and green trees are from Auran KUID Group 523 speedtree Mk 6 assets that are contained in Resources\Builtin\tree_0 through tree_4 inclusive. Identified from mesh-table\mesh-asset and Preview.

Speedtree Mk 6 assets by other authors such as RMM, OlegKhim and Roy Joosten are not affected. None of these are builtins. Identified from mesh-table\mesh-asset and Preview.

Instals 1 and 2 have not had database rebuilds as far as I know, whereas instal 3 has many.
Instals 1 and 2 are pure builtins without any additions. Instal 3 has both builtins, TS12 import and DLS downloads but no non-DLS assets.

All three instals have core TANE files downloaded via Trainzdev build 79135, zip unpacked in download folder, and then copied to an empty TANE folder in each instal so are identical. Then mated to its TANE Userdata folder via Settings\install. Only TANE Userdata folders are different. Instals 1 and 2 had empty TANE Userdata folders initially whereas instal 3 TANE Useradata folder contains modified data from previous builds.

The three instals reside on different drives, two of which are SSDs whereas instal 3 is HDD.

To further isolate the problem I copy/pasted folders Resources\builtin\tree_0 through tree-4 inclusive from instal 1 to instal 3.

Prior to a database rebuild I observed Kick Starter\Trees for Life in instal 3 and noted that pink and green speedtrees were visible.
An overnight DBR was carried out and Trees for Life re-checked. NO CHANGE. Pink and green trees still exist, as has been the case since initial TANE test build long, long ago.

From the above tests and observations I deduce:

1. Defect only occurs on builtin Speedtrees Mk 6 by Auran in KUID Group 523. All assets in this group are affected.

2. Does not affect any other non-builtin speedtrees Mk 6 by other authors. The three authors tested did not have builtin speedtrees.

3. Note that builtin speedtrees show 'builtin' status in CM, not 'modified'.

4. Ergo. Speedtree processes are not the root cause of pink and green platelets on Speedtree Mk 6 assets.
and neither is accidental OFE of the said speedtrees.

5. Which points to some process in the DBR as the most likely guilty party.

As the builtins are refreshed in a DBR during 'import builtins' phase, AND that tree_01 through tree_06 were identical to Instals 1 and 2 that do not have this issue,

then either the importing or the post importing processing of builtin speedtrees is the most likely cause.

BUT note non-builtin speedtrees are not corrupted by the DBR.


November 7th, 2015, 05:32 PM

Does opening these assets for editing and then reverting to original fix the problem? In most cases, this has been the fix for this problem, which means to me as you've pointed out that the database repair "touches" something and causes the assets to become corrupted somehow.


November 7th, 2015, 06:23 PM
I think that was the case with some TS12 imports the first time, but not now.

November 7th, 2015, 06:34 PM
No. These were unmodified. However, just to be sure I re-tested for that and pink and green textures in Auran speedtree Mk 6 persist.

I think it did when I first imported some TS12 assets. Maybe they were KIND "Groundtexture" whereas the offending assets are KIND "Scenery".