View Full Version : Interlocking Tower and signals compatibility

November 7th, 2015, 03:12 AM
for Terry.

Hi Terry.

Can you confirm today that signals compliant with TC standards : using only being called in an overriden DetermineUpdatedState(...) function to return signal target state and being called in an overriden ApplyUpdatedState(...) to set their display aspect, and so not calling anywhere else directly SetSignalState(...) or SetSignalStateEx(...) should normally be compatible with Interlocking towers ?

There is currently a lot of discussion in other threads about VSR signals from James Moody (bloodnok) and their incompatibility with interlocking towers.

From what I have searched on the DLS there are currently 270 VSR sig assets,
47 of them are signals with build number 2.9 (post TC) and already uses DetermineUpdatedState(...) and ApplyUpdatedState(...) and so should be IT compatible (to be confirmed).
90 of them are signals but with build 2.4 (before TC) and do not use DetermineUpdatedState(...) and ApplyUpdatedState(...) and includes some message handler which calls SetSignalStateEx(...) and for this reason are not compatible with IT towers.
and the last 133 assets seems not to be signals but only mesh object assets to display part of other signals aspects (theatre and feather) and only change their display aspect when receiving the agreed corresponding message from other signals.

As there are a lot of others signals that may also have compatibility problems, I think it would be interesting to remind here the needed conditions for a signal to be compatible with Interlocking Towers.