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October 20th, 2015, 11:29 AM
Since log warnings are apparently intended to be useful I thought that I should start a thread which picks up some of these warnings that don't make immediate sense. Here are a couple to start off with:

! MeshObject::SetMeshAnimationState> <kuid2:122285:71043:3> "JK10-LH Curved": mesh index (3) has no animation frames
I don't get this one at all, the asset has animated blades which are working correctly in game, so the *.kin file must be valid.
Here is an extract from the config:


! MeshObject::SetMeshAnimationState> <kuid2:122285:71020:3> "JK10-X": mesh index (4) has no animation
This one sort-of makes sense because the mesh specified in junction-vertices/0 is indeed not animated.


1. I need the vertex to function as an (invisible) junction but I don't need an animation, this means that I need a junction-vertex.
2. If I provide a junction-vertex then CM validation will not allow me to omit junction-lever-mesh, if I do I get these:

- VE60: Required tag 'junction-lever-mesh' was missing and has been set to default (what is the default and why doesn't setting it clear the error).
- VE13: Missing or invalid selection for tag 'junction-lever-mesh' in '0'.

3. So to keep CM quiet I've pointed it to a non-animated mesh which is now generating the log entry.

Is the log suggesting that I should provide an invisible animation to go with the invisible junction?

October 20th, 2015, 08:17 PM
The former means what it says; there is an animation file loaded but it has no frames. This means that SetMeshAnimationState() has failed, it's not a warning, and the message is notifying you of that fact. If you don't think that this message is correct, then try to simplify the asset as much as possible in case it's not coming from what you think, and then if you're still stuck, send the asset across and i'll trace it.

The latter is pretty self-obvious; we don't have support for what you're trying to do. An animated mesh is expected, so if it doesn't find one, the code will fail and the message is notifying of this. Your choices here are to (1) petition to get the features you need added, (2) make it work as best you can with the features that exist. Probably both, since it could be a while before any new features are added.