View Full Version : JR 52ft Bulkhead Flat Car in TANE

September 20th, 2015, 08:24 PM
TANE Build 76401

52ft bulkhead flat car from JR by socalwb909 has a broken asset in TANE, kuid:86311:1520 - TOA M113. The author of this asset has created a new version available for download, kuid:86311:1521. It fixes the broken asset problem and the car/cars can be loaded into TANE.

When in surveyor I click on the car to view the available loads and I get an error message:
ERROR: PropertyBrowserRefresh() not handled
A script error occurred while attempting to edit the properties of this asset.

The only change I made to the config was to change the kuid number on page 23 in load10, products allowed, line 13 and on page 72, line 132 of the kuid table. I have been over all 75 pages and cannot find another reference to kuid:86311:1520 except those two locations.

I know enough about changing configs to be "Extremely dangerous" so I come asking for any ideas.

Thank you.