View Full Version : Updating system needs a further tweak

August 25th, 2015, 07:23 AM
After recent changes to the DLS coding, the problem of Trainz sometimes downloading updates that are beyond its own trainz-build was fixed. However there is a remaining issue in that the system still causes assets to be labelled as out of date even if their corresponding updates cannot be downloaded due to higher build number. They should not be labelled as out of date if they are the latest version of that asset with a trainz-build less than or equal to the build of Trainz being used, as otherwise the list of so-called updates gets bloated by assets that can't actually be downloaded or installed. This in turn causes a lot of confusion, frustration and wasted effort by the user.

Excluding out of date assets with unobtainable updates can be done by manually applying a suitable version filter, but Trainz/CM should be sufficiently self-aware to do this automatically.

Discussion of this problem began in this thread by HiBaller (you can ignore some of the irreproducible behaviour mentioned at the start of the thread, the actual problem gets clearer towards the end);