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August 20th, 2015, 12:14 AM
Purpose of this thread is to list layouts that are performing well in TANE running on WIN 10, particularly with high FPS and little stutter.

To start the ball rolling:

Aurora Canada

Severa Routes with about 17 sessions including multiplayer both at TB 3.7 and early TANE TB 3.8. Note current retail TANE is TB 4.2. My test setup is in a TrainzDEV build.

I have tried two sessions briefly.

Achieved a solid 120FPS on one and 95-120FPS on the other. Measured using both TANE profiler and FRAPS. FPS was in agreement.

My test bed is:

i7CPU running latest WIN10 Insider fast ring.
Dual GTX780Ti with 355.60 driver.
32GB quad channel RAM.
OCZ SSD in RAID0 as C:\drive.
3 ACER monitors at 1920x1080 120Hz async plus one SAMSUNG monitor at 60HZ. TANE game running on one ACER and CM on another.

TANE Core and Userdata on HDD.

Was running in open country with hills. Most assets seem to display normally. I noticed one missing bridge. One deep stutter during ten minute run, otherwise very smooth.

Bear in mind this PC is my beta test bed with total DLS installed, and many legacy assets other than builtins have been upversioned to TB 3.7. About 50% of assets were imported from TS12 SP1 HF4. The remainder were downloaded from DLS in TANE CM. Repairs to assets were carried out using AssetX/PEVTools/TARDIS toolbox. This toolbox is a WIP currently targetting TB 3.7 and working in conjunction with Trainzdev TANE build 77730 CM.

Be interesting to check what assets were using LOD or LM and what Track/Track-LOD-Tree setup was employed.
Also be interested to hear what performance was achieved in TS12.

Well worth a look at this layout.

August 20th, 2015, 05:57 AM

There appear to be a few versions of this route by different builders, which is usually a symptom of iPad/mobile content. The version I downloaded is the oldest, and therefore presumably the original, and is quite a nice little route, but the assets used are generally old/low res, and it is clearly meant for mobile devices- in which case I'd be disappointed if I wasn't achieving very high framerates with your rig. Whilst I'm very impressed with it as a mobile route, it definitely doesn't look like a showcase for what T:ANE ought to be capable of on a decent desktop. Are you looking at a different version?