View Full Version : Route Menu in Game - Visibility when large number of entries

August 17th, 2015, 02:54 PM
For me this has been a long standing issue for TS12/TANE instals that contained the majority of routes available on DLS plus builtins. I've had to resort to accessing game menu via CM.

As reported earlier in TANE testing I have three sizes of instals.

a. Bare bones new build - no problems. All routes are shown and response is rapid in first display of routes and in sorting order changes.
b. Medium size with mixture of TS12 imported, DLS downloads and builtins . - Paints all routes OK but display is slower and so is sorting.
c. Maxi instal as for b. but now contains 7,874 routes - Route menu framework visible but no entries.

In previous TANE testing instal b was OK up to ~750 routes. This has now improved so that all entries in instal c are visible after about 15 secs. Similar time to sort entries. Currently in WIN 10 Pro latest updates and nVidia graphics driver 355.60.

Recommend that if possible menu should be visible in under 10 secs as most people get impatient above that or think it has frozen. Desireable would be 5 secs or less for a high end PC such as mine.

August 17th, 2015, 03:20 PM

If anything I would like to have a favorites type thing which we now have in TS12, or maybe even the ability to group the routes into a category of some kind. There are built-in routes listed with my routes along with those I imported from TS12. Sure I get access to them all, and know by color who is what, but the ability to sort, hide, and group would be most helpful. I think too this ability would help the loading times as well since the underlying TADDaemon won't have to dig through and build a list for everything in that category, which is what I think you are seeing now.

That maxi-install as you call it is quite maxi! :) This is a good way to test things as it really makes them glow.