View Full Version : Waiting for Trainz

July 25th, 2015, 04:05 PM
Something that has been a constant theme with T:ANE is the waiting. Waiting for the installation to start, waiting for Trainz to start from the Launcher button "Start Trainz", waiting for Content Manager to show its content, waiting for new content to submit, waiting for route / session to start when selected, etc. And not just the waiting but the uninformed waiting. At least if there was a progress bar, we would have an idea of how long the current process might last. And then there are the mini and micro waits when saving, during driving, during route design in Surveyor.

With 64 bits, all that memory, all those cores and multiple threads, you would think that things would happen a bit faster. If there is really that much data to move around, please provide some feedback. A count down, a progress bar, anything but a blank.