View Full Version : Real problems downloading assest from DLC

July 20th, 2015, 12:08 PM
Despite having a long and definitely activated download ticket, I am having real problems downloading a bunch of missing assets lost due to Mr GATZZZZZ screwing up my last W7 installation (nothing new there as we all know)

Anyone know what is going on with these download station servers ? They are just SO UNRELIABLE, and I am paying for high speed, high volume updates !

Come on Auran, put up or shut up. I fI pay you for hi speed download, I DO NOT EXPECT to be unable to make the START button stay down. It just sits on START - PERIOD, and ignores me.

Not good enough by half folks

PS - and I have only downloaded 52.77 MB today - a scratch on the surface of what I need to get my last route back into working order.