View Full Version : Logitech Gaming Software high %CPU and creeping Memory Commit

July 12th, 2015, 06:31 PM
Affects both WIN 8.1 Update and WIN 10.

WIN 10 drivers are not yet released. Figures using WIN 8.1 driver shows 24% CPU Usage constantly. This is on an AMD Phenom II machine with 8GB RAM and GTX 530 GPU

WIN 8.1 on Intel i7 CPU with 32GB memory and dual GTX780ti GPU with LGS 8.70.315 driver shows 8%CPU Usage but Memory Commit for LCore.exe creeps up to 755MB. Was worse on previous driver where it exceeded 1.3GB.
%CPU Usage can be reduced to virtually zero by deselecting Settings Arx Control Enable, but has no effect on Memory Commit creep.