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June 30th, 2015, 10:26 PM
Hi all,

Time for a quick progress update. I haven't come up with a formal way of doing this yet, but that's still on the cards.

TrainzDev membership

TrainzDev membership is now solidified and we are not accepting new applicants. That doesn't mean that the membership won't change over time, however i'd like this to be a fairly interactive process where group members opt to resign their own position if they think that they are no longer able to contribute, and the group nominates new community members who might be a useful additions. A few quick guidelines toward the nomination process:

* Any trainzdev member may nominate any active trainz forum member. Other trainzdev members may comment on the suitability of such nominations, and it should be recognised that a negative vote here does not mean that the person is not well-loved or have valuable contributions in other areas. This forum is not a popularity contest. Please be clear on the reasons why you do or do not think that a given person will make a good voice for the community.

* The act of nomination does not guarantee that a given person will be added to the group. I'd like to keep the group fairly small and focused, so simply adding every suggestion that comes along isn't going to work. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't nominate, just don't be disappointed if the nomination doesn't result in an immediate inclusion in the group.

* We should avoid getting too much representation from any one group or faction. Please don't nominate people just because they're in the same clique as you. If you know them that well, the chances are that you'll share their exact viewpoints and thus they will add little to this forum.

* N3V Games obviously has the final say in whether a given person is accepted to membership.

Design Docs

I've shared some google docs with you all. If you haven't received an invite from google in your email, please PM me. Please don't reshare these documents, and don't simply download them and redistribute them. The information contained within the documents may be publicly redistributed, but the documents as a whole are the property of N3V Games PTY LTD and should not be redistributed.

The purpose for sharing these docs is to give you access to a level of documentation that may not be currently available on the wiki. If documentation is your forte, feel free to update the wiki to include technical data derived from these documents, however again- please don't simply copy and past text from the document to the wiki.

Please note that early design documents may not accurately reflect the final implementation in all cases. While they're typically fairly thorough and accurate, they are NOT considered end-user documentation and you should test any statements made in the design before relying on them (or, eg, before writing them up on the wiki.)

Compatibility Fixes and Requests

A number of changes have been introduced as a result of our own internal testing, feedback from this community, and feedback through other channels. Some of these changes will be released to the wider community via a "hotfix" patch once they've had adequate testing. Other changes are more fundamental and will require extensive testing before release. I am hoping to seed an early preview build with these changes to the trainzdev community in the near future. This build will have minimal testing, and is intended for you to test the changes and give feedback. If you feel that it is suitable to move to the new build for day-to-day use, then that's great and I'd encourage it, however please keep in mind that seed builds have not undergone extensive testing and may have a range of problems which prevent their use for any given purpose. While we will address feedback regarding such issues, we will not treat them with the same urgency as we would if this was a public build.

Mac Version Release

The Mac version has been released. The Mac version is considered a first-class citizen for content creation, with the following exceptions:

* No Max, no Max Exporter. This one is fairly obvious.
* No TrainzMeshImporter. This is something that we will fix when we release a new TMI version, but I don't have a timeframe to give you on this at the current time.

Closing TrainzDev Forum Threads

I've started closing forum threads which appear to have run their course. Such threads are marked with a green thumbs-up icon. Forum threads which appear to require further attention are not being closed in this fashion. If you are the OP of an open thread, and you feel that the thread has fully answered your questions on that topic, then feel free to post on the thread requesting it to be closed.

kind regards,