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June 9th, 2015, 11:37 PM
I wonder if it might be worth a sticky thread here where Chris posts a list of the development team's current work priorities, in terms of bug fixes, new features etc. and updates us on progress- nothing fancy, just simple one word updates like 'working,' 'testing','fixed', or 'soon'(!). This might help us see and contribute towards particular issues at an appropriate time. The range of topics covered here is great, but I think it could be quite overwhelming at times with the huge range of things springing up.

I'm not proposing to limit the things discussed, but an understanding whether something is in the pipeline or just blue sky thinking might be helpful for both sides.


June 12th, 2015, 08:26 PM
I definitely want to do something along these lines, but I'm not exactly sure what. We'll most likely introduce some kind of informal dev diary which notes the things that we've looked at recently and what we're planning to look at next. If we do something like this, it's very much NOT going to be a formal statement of what we are going to achieve because priorities can change frequently, especially on smaller items, and I don't want people to be disappointed if we say that we're looking at one thing, and then have to swap to something else.

Right at the moment, I'm actually focusing on getting the Mac builds through Apple's review process, and cleaning up some of our build processes- we've been suffering for a while with long (24 hours+) build turnaround due to the sheer volume of content that goes into each build, which makes rapid test/fix cycles difficult and causes big headaches if a build fails for some reason. We're also reviewing the patch/installer systems to see how these can be improved, as well as fixing a number of smaller issues for upcoming builds.