View Full Version : T:ANE Hotfix 1 Released

May 28th, 2015, 01:44 AM
Today we have released an update for Trainz: A New Era that delivers a range of optimisations and adjustments to improve the overall frame rate across a wide range of hardware.

This auto-update is approximately 30MB in size and applies to the build numbers listed below:

Simulator Central Box and Digital Edition - Build 75947 to 76401 - released May 28
Kickstarter Digital Edition - Build 75947 to 76401 - released May 28
USA/Australia Retail Box Edition - Build 75947 to 76401 - released May 28
Koch/Deep Silver/Europe Box (En/Fr/De) Build 75894 to 76425 - released May 29

Update June 2 -
Patches for the following builds are now released: (these patches are 1GB)

Kickstarter Box Edition Build 75971 to 76536 - auto-patch (must be "Online" and logged in to MyTrainz to patch to access the "Online" patch)
Kickstarter Box Edition Build 75971 to 76536 - standalone patch (1GB) (can be offline and transfer from one PC to another see info here (http://faq.trainzportal.com/?p=260))
Standalone patch link is at: http://www.trainzportal.com/product/view/trainz-simulator-a-new-era > Patches listed in Right Hand Column.
Koch/Deep Silver/Europe Box (En/Pol) Build 75938 to 76459
Steam (patched via Steam; 2.3GB) - release May 31

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you dismiss the auto-prompt or it doesn't appear, follow these instructions: http://faq.trainzportal.com/?p=250
Ensure you have a valid MyTrainz login to enable auto-patching

Hotfix 1 - Change List

Added a mechanism tying speedtree density to tree detail settings for the Hinton route
Adjusted the settings sliders to make performance settings more intuitive.
Made scenery culling more aggressive at responding to settings changes and camera movements.
Fixed an issue where the "x" (cancel) button in the in-game settings did not work as expected.
Fixed an issue where some detail settings could become saved into a session, overriding the user's desired settings.
Minor performance improvements included for the in-game profiler
Moving around the baseboard in roaming view no longer results in a visual stutter of the compass.
Improved some cases which could lead to long "not responding" delays while installing content.
Improved the robustness of database writes against unexpected failures, and improved logging of write failures.
Enabled language selection for the Simulator Central/Kickstarter release.
Added some minor performance improvement for routes with excessive numbers of objects in the scene.
Improved the render synchronisation between smoke/exhaust pfx and train motion.
"Remove Column" and "Insert Column" are now localized in CM.
Fixed a potential crash when opening the launcher window from in-game.
Fixed some problems with the in-game "purchase route" and "purchase session" buttons.
Launcher now occasionally reminds people that there is an uninstalled update.
Fixed an issue where automatic delete/rename retry would never fail out regardless of the number of failed attempts.
PCs which swap between an integrated Intel GPU and a discreet graphics card now offer less confusing options in the display selection menu.
Improve the handling of alt-tab and print-screen in DirectX.
Fix a case where a missing thumbnail graphic could cause the framerate to drop substantially.
Fixed an issue where a spurious dependency was reported when attempting to start a multiplayer session.
Fixed the minimum allowed window size to take into account the window frame size.
Fixed a case where resizing the window rapidly could result in an incorrectly scaled render output.
New EN/PL localised manual added (where appropriate.)
Splines (v2.9+) now respond to the scenery detail slider.
Assorted minor optimisations.
Fixed an issue where the "starting trainz" status text could be clipped incorrectly.