View Full Version : Trainz 2012 from Steam, importing content from TS2010:EE and SnC

December 31st, 2014, 11:10 PM
Hi guys,

The issue doesn't take a great deal to explain though I'm not sure where to start with the solution.

I just bought Trainz 2012 on Steam as it was on sale for a third the normal price. I've recently formatted my PC due to a virus so my Trainz database in TS2010:EE is currently just the built-in stuff, plus the Settle and Carlisle content. Steam installed TS2012 in the Steam directory rather than the Program Files (x86) folder and during the installation did not ask about adding content and such like TS2010 and SnC did.

Can/How-do I add the TS2010 and SnC content to the Steam TS2012?