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December 28th, 2014, 09:01 AM
Hi Guys & Gals
As the title suggests 1 of the thing to do on my bucket list been away from creating content for some time getting back into it need a project to do when i have hospital stays.
Anway i need or would like a tutorial on how to add train track to my gmax content or even how to make a train track(i know it is a Gmax thing not really trainz ) but tried there forum site no luck.it has to be in plain english as my tumor riddled brain can not cope with to much tec info.
So if there is anybody out there willing to help an old man fulfill his last wishes please help me and to all that read this forum many thanks for all the years you have created content.
Must go before i start blubbering over my keyboard.
Regards & a Happy New Year
Creations UK

December 28th, 2014, 02:17 PM

If I read you correctly, you need to create some tracks in gmax for use in Trainz.

The basic is as follows:

* The top of the rail it self, where the train wheels run on, need to be at exact 0,3 meter in the Z direction (Z=0,3 meter)
* The rail, ties and all other pieces making up the roadbed in your model needs to start at Y=0 and go down into a Y= negative number, for instance Y=-2 for a 2 meter long track piece.
* The rail pieces, left and right rail needs to be made so the left rail is the same distance from X=0 as the right rail is, except one is in the negative range and the other in the positive range. This to make sure the track is centered, as for Trains in Trainz, they actually run on the X=0 piece, the center of the tracks, hence why you can run all kind of gauges on each other, looks funny. :)

Hopefully not to technical, and sorry to hear your troubles, wish you the very best for this and the year to come!


December 28th, 2014, 05:11 PM
Thanks Linda technical or what no easy way buy the look of it,maybe i will try to work out how to put a track on top of my bridge not to much of a problem (i have not got a clue what to do) for my half of grey matter,hopefully might get it right before i leave the station on the final whistle .
Many thanks for your best wishes.