View Full Version : I can't figure out how to do anything but use the Routes on Trainz for Mac

September 12th, 2014, 08:34 AM
How can I tell if any of the updates are new routes and I can't figure out how to use the rail yard. I added a new consist to a route but I could not figure out how to add a locomotive to pull the consist. The instruction manual is worthless. Very frustrated. Can anyone help me out?:'(

September 12th, 2014, 09:00 AM
Hi Bob and welcome to Trainz and the forums.

Trainz is a program, or is it an all consuming way of life, that has many, many parts. Although I'm not familiar with the Mac version, per se, I can probably help you a tiny bit.

There is now a new version of Trainz for Apple called TS Mac 2. This is a totally new version with many fixes, from what I understand including updated graphics and a better content manager. Unfortunately not being an Apple user, I can't help you more than that on that part of the software. Regarding RailYard... There's not much you can do with it other than view your installed trains. New routes and new content can be downloaded using the Content Manager, and you can also create your own routes using Surveyor, which to me is the best part of the simulator. I do agree with you regarding the user manual. It's brevity is well, too brief in many cases. :)

To add a trains to a route, you do this through Surveyor, and more specifically the sessions. Go to the sessions of a chosen route, and choose Edit Session. You'll see track marks, and spline points all over the place. Ignore those for now as they are not needed. On the right side of this screen, which is actually Surveyor, but we're accessing it via the sessions (confusing I know), you'll see a train wheel. Click on that and you'll have access to your installed train cars and locomotives. Pick your cars and locomotives. It doesn't matter what you put on the tracks... You'll see green and red arrows on the ends of the cars. If you place the cars next to each other, they will couple, and only show these directional arrows on the end of the consist. Now if you want to use this same consist another time, you can save it. On the same screen where you chose your train cars and locomotive, is a tab. Click that and you'll see the consist manager. You can load whole consists here as well as save your own by clicking on the get consist tool, which looks like a hand or tweezers. When you click that then click on your consist, you'll be prompted with a name which you use to find the same consist again.

With your train in place, you can then assign commands to the driver. I'm not familiar, as I said with the Mac version, but on the PC version, TS12 there's what looks like a tiny piece of paper on the menu bar at the top. Click on that and choose driver setup. You'll then see a driver(s) assigned to your consist(s). There will be a long blank bar below his picture. Click on the small arrow on the bar and add in commands such as Navigate To.. which brings up a list of destinations. You can optionally add in the commands here to permanently assign commands to the drivers. Once you, if you chose to do so, are all done adding in your commands, Save the session, exit from the editing, and it will appear on the list ready to drive. You can optionally give the driver commands directly while driving as you've probably done previously.

Anyway, I Hope this helps answer your questions, and perhaps sparks a few more. Don't be afraid to post more questions in the Trainz Mac support forum if they are program-version specific, otherwise we can answer (hopefully) many of your questions here.