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August 31st, 2014, 02:28 AM

I'm looking for ideas for a mountain section I want to put together, I have a track that weaves as it gradually climbs up the mountain, however on the way there will be a couple of village stops, but the problem is there are a couple of areas where track at different levels run parallel with each other for short distances and at one of these areas I want to put a small station, unfortunately such things as station have no ability for height adjustment which means I have to raise the ground level...so far not a problem, but the problem arises when I try to put the ground under the tracks, as it stand if I do place ground under the highest level track (where the little station is) it covers the two lower level tracks, if I uncover the lower level track I'm in mid-air at the station, I have tried using a couple of the rock face "backgrounds" but because of the raised ground supporting the station cause the flat (top) are too stick up through the station.

Does any one know of something that is rock like but close on vertical?????

August 31st, 2014, 02:57 PM
Use your Plateau tool to smooth out your area(Topology Tab)..Under the House Tab, you can use Height Adjustment tool(for Building)..Under the Track Tab ,(Advance Tools)for vertex Height(Spline Circles)..Good Luck..

September 1st, 2014, 12:41 PM
The "Smooth Spline" tool smooths a 20m wide swath of terrain on both sides of the track (two 10m grid widths).
If you place tracks any closer than 20m apart, on a section of terrain, and apply "Smooth Spline", it will most probably cover up the lower tracks terrain.

At 40m apart, there is a divot left in the terrain, between the two tracks, that must be corrected manually, by tugging up or down on the terrain using the smallest radius setting.

A happy medium of tracks 30m apart (on center of a 10m grid) is the closest you want to ever place them.

Place tracks any closer, and you will need cliff spines to cover up the divots in terrain.