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August 27th, 2014, 11:56 AM
I have began work on a union station module for trainz based on the diagrams of Cincinnati Union station is there any route on the dls that will help get the feel for what I am building?
Time period is basically from modern to steam era use as it will have those servicing facilities.

August 27th, 2014, 03:13 PM
The phrase is ......... "I have begun" not "began", and if you need ....

"is there any route on the dls that will help get the feel for what I am building?"

....Then you best leave it to someone else.

August 27th, 2014, 07:05 PM
Constar, my fictional route will make the northern approach to CUT from Norwood on the old B&O main. For the southern approach my route will follow the Ohio river past the Cincinnati "bottoms" along side the L&N and under the C&O bridge up to CUT. You'll see from the track diagrams how these approaches work. Te southern side is a real maze, but the northern part is pretty easy except for the C&O viaduct coming out of Western Hills into the middle of the yard.I have DRM's of the area and if you build this part it would be a big help in finishing the L&A. PM me if you need something.

The Kentucky side of the L&A is nearing completion and soon will be crossing the Ohio river and march up to Cincinnati.


August 27th, 2014, 08:07 PM
I have planned to make the module bigger than the diagrams I have and with a larger station could be with different buildings, coach sidings, and passenger engine terminal for general use for any layout.
As for the linking it up I will leave enough space for anyone to use though the elevation might pose a challenge for me.

August 27th, 2014, 08:58 PM
CUT was an interesting "terminal". It was a combination of a through station and a terminus, as most of the railroads that used CUT didn't run trains through the station. The only exception was the B&O, which ran the National Limited and a few other trains that used it as a through station. The good thing about it's design is that the trains don't have to be pulled out of the station, so after they are done unloading, the trains can be pulled straight out and into the yard. I've made attempts at making it in the past, but I've gotten halted by the fact that there are no DEMs of the area.

As for your idea, CUT already had a sizable engine terminal and multiple coach yards. I'm not sure if railroads ran commuter service out of CUT, but in it's heyday in the late 30's up until the early 50's, it was a pretty busy terminal. The C&O, L&N, PRR, and NYC were all major passenger carriers, and you could be sure that trains from every one of those railroads would be departing on the hour. Couple that with preparations for each of the trains (pushing them into the terminal, pulling them out, adding cars, etc), and you have a pretty busy terminal!

August 27th, 2014, 09:51 PM
I'm sure you have the track diagrams, but just in case...post #15



August 27th, 2014, 10:07 PM
Exactly how big are you looking to make the module containing CUT? If you're looking only at the terminal area, it is situated on about a 2 square mile flat area; DEM's are hardly needed. You can get elevation data from Google Earth (R), from USGS Topographical maps (probably East Cincinnati) that you can download form the USGS map store website for free, and perhaps with the help of a librarian at the Cincinnati Public Library, from insurance maps (Sanborn published the best known, but there may have been others) for the period you wish to model.


August 29th, 2014, 12:44 PM
the diagrams I am referencing are from Thai10n post and only show one passenger car yard but the hardest task for me is the breaking down of the diagram to put in the game to use as a template. does anyone know of a way to do that?

August 29th, 2014, 09:39 PM
Constar, I've lost some of my earlier DRMs of Union Terminal :'(. I do have a few but they have been altered :o. I plan on upgrading my TransDEM and I'll be making another map of the area. Maybe we can work together on this project? Of course due to the complexity of this place other volunteers could be useful :p.


August 30th, 2014, 12:55 PM
what is transdem?

August 30th, 2014, 01:25 PM
I'll help if you need help. CUT is a really cool station, and I really hope to see it done in Trainz one day.