View Full Version : Thank you n8phu

June 28th, 2014, 01:35 PM
This is to n8phu. I can not express my gratitude for him. A while back, I asked around if anyone could help me remove the coupler for the horizons. Then I found n8phu. I PM'sd about it and he has gone way out of his own way to help me. In fact he has gone beyond what I asked. Hes helped with the couplers, the bogeys and much more. In no way can thank him enough for this. n8phu, if I could I'd high five you. Thank so much, and not just what youve done for me but what youve done for the community. Restoring old content, updating others. Or maybe being good to other users. I hope you understand the work you've done has not gone unnoticed. I ope you understand I truly appriciate what youve done and the talents you have used to help me. Thanks bud.
-Benjamin "Mr.BNSF" Sawchak