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June 16th, 2014, 08:18 AM
i buy it trainz 12 serial number is invalid is build 59009 i look in the manual y copy the serial number is invalid i make this in another computer and trainz works but i'cant use the computer

June 16th, 2014, 08:41 AM
Hi Superman280,

It appears that you have already registered TS12 which means your serial number works and you have registered the serial number on Planet Auran. Go to your Planet Auran account and look at your registered copies of Trainz. You can then copy the serial number you have registered and paste it into the box where you need to enter the serial number within TS12 options. (I hope I explained this clearly). This will ensure that you are entering in the serial number correctly and not confusing zeros (0) with Os (O).


June 16th, 2014, 08:43 AM
If you have registered your Trainz version go to Planet Auran (button at the top of the page) click on (serial number) scroll down till you see the serial number next to your version then copy and paste into the options from the launch screen.


Seems like I type too slow, you just beat me to it John.

June 16th, 2014, 09:22 AM
The Trainz serial code, on the back of the Driver's manual is always one of those tempermental things that need to be inputted exactly identical during the installation process of the game on to a PC. The serial code also has to be typed exactly from the game manual to link the user account to your game and thus can only be registered only once to prevent fraud and bootleg / second had copies of the game.

Only when the serial code has been entered properly to an user account on N3V will it then allow access to the DLS, and only when the code is typed in correctly during pre-game installation will it allow the game to install properly.

An invalid serial number could many anything not right... Game is already registered under a different user account, a second-hand copy or a bootleg disc has been obtained, or one or more of the serial code characters has been mistaken. For example 'O' has been typed in instead of ''0''. The serial code is typed in using UPPER-case characters usually to prevent a mis-type between ''O'' and '0'. Plus inbetween each four digit section is this character symbol -

The serial code is a 24 digit alphanumeric character string with the symbol - between each set of four digits, so it could even be that one of these symbols is mis-placed or missing on the user account or on the game installation process.


June 16th, 2014, 02:17 PM
Please don't post your serial number.



June 16th, 2014, 02:24 PM

June 16th, 2014, 02:27 PM
You need to go to the help desk... do not put your number on here...