View Full Version : Trainz 2 for iPad - Where are the rulers?

June 12th, 2014, 11:17 AM
I've bought Trainz 2 for iPad and am slowly figuring out the interface - it's different but there are some nice features in there.

The one issue that I have just hit is that I have no ideas where the rulers have gone! Cameras too but as I haven't got round to using them, that doesn't really worry me. Are they in there somewhere or have they yet to be added?

They are the one thing that I believe I'm missing at the moment and while I can get by without them, I suspect the cost will be having to do my track design work in Trainz 1 and then try and import it into version 2 for the excellent scenic embellishments (including most of the local stations around where I live :) ).

Thanks to anyone who knows.