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August 3rd, 2013, 04:46 AM

Having used 2006 for quite some time a few years ago, and really enjoyed it, I lost it in a PC crash (of course).
I decided recently to revisit Trainz and purchased 2012. Bad idea it seems ? Where/what are all the decent assets that came with 2006 ? All I see in this new version is russina/chinese/polish/romanian/why stuff, much of which doesn't even show n the asset viewer, and many of which are in RED in the list.

2006 had loads of UK stuff, plus German, Austrian etc euro assets. It also all worked.

Why do we have all this strange stuff in 2012, and where has the good stuff gone, it isn't even on download station now. ?

Also, I have an FCT, but a large oart of the stuff I have downloaded appears in red in my assets list, and of course - DOESN'T work.

I would love to know what benefits 2012 is supposed to offer ?

Better yet, If anyone has a DISK4 of 20906 they could loan me, I would reinstall my licensed 2006 system like a shot. My disk 4 is screwed up, but the other 4 disks are fine ??????


August 3rd, 2013, 06:05 AM
Hi chopperaddict,
Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of TS12!
Like you, I went from Trainz Railway Simulator 2006 to TS12 without experiencing the intermediate versions.
However, my experience with TS12 so far has been almost entirely positive, albeit with a few similar frustrations at first.
Also seen were downloads that did not complete properly every time, resulting in those dreaded RED items in the assets list in Surveyor you mention.
But patience and persistence is rewarding - all of these RED items have been reduced to Nil by either downloading the missing dependencies or repairing the assets that were faulty in the first place (in my case, these were mainly items and routes downloaded from the DLS that were created for earlier versions of Trainz.)
Assets created for TS12 to TS12 standards usually work really well.
Otherwise, learning to apply PEV's tools and AssetX to update and repair assets for use in TS12 is essential if you plan to run older assets.

Built in to TS12 are some very fine assets from the UK and the US that you haven't mentioned above.
Have you explored the excellent Mojave Sub Division for example? Or the expansive ECML Kings Cross - Newcastle route?
Personally, I am really impressed with the Russian and Chinese routes for their superb levels of detail and realism.

For my money, the benefits of TS12 (over 2006, say) are abundantly clear:
* Better eye candy and near photo-realism in some instances
* Greater stability (once the effort has been made to fix any errant downloaded items/ apply patches)
* Better game play and hugely improved route-building tools and capabilities
* Option to play multiplayer sessions
* Many more routes and assets available from every corner of the globe/ multiple gauges, etc. on the DLS
* Better online support in these forums for versions later than TRS 2006
* and much more...

So, take heart! Use these forums to find the answers you need to resolve your problems and you'll never look back!
I still have TRS 2006 installed on this computer and it hardly ever gets used any more as the side-by-side comparison of the simulators is starkly in favour of TS12.

August 3rd, 2013, 07:14 AM
I would go straight to patching TS12 and SP1 if I were new to TS12, and buy the NKP Berkshire pack.

Test out how well TS12 runs on your PC.

Sadly my TRS2006 is the Trainz Railwayz Full Version Build 3337 and only has 2 discs ... but I can help you locate alot of 04, 06 assets:
http://dls.trainzportal.com/index.php?DLS_SearchFlag=1&DLSTC_TopCategoryID=1&DLS_TrainzVersion9=1&DLS_TrainzV means that you must meticulously backersion8=1&DLS_TrainzVersion7=1&DLS_TrainzVersion6=1&DLS_TrainzVersion5=1&DLS_TrainzVersion4=1&DLS_TrainzVersion3=1&DLS_TrainzVersion2=1

Although TRS2006 runs great on lower end PC's with integrated graphics ... almost all of the assets have been upgraded to trainzbuilds beyond 2.5 & 2.6 (which means that you must meticulously backdate assets, and all their thousands of dependencies, manually, one by one, all by hand). And when backdating assets, your assets.bku (in cache), and the assets.tdx files must be deleted, and restart the CMP an allow 1/2 hour for the trainz asset database to update and repair itself.

TRS2006 is rather annoying to constantly fix stuff ... But I still love TRS2006 surveyor (as I have a barfy laptop).