View Full Version : TS12 SP1 Hotfix 3 and Auto-patch now available

June 6th, 2013, 01:51 AM
N3V is proud to announce the release of our third hotfix for TS12 SP1.

The following changes are included in this hotfix:
- Added the ability for the "World.PlaySound()" script function to target any MeshObject.
- Fixed a rare crash which would occur when an asset used attached junction mutexes.
- Fixed a crash which would occur when the "Cabin.GetControls()" script function was used on an Interior asset where some meshes were not valid controls.
- Small improvements were made to Content Manager's Download Helper panel.
- Fixed some occasional usability issues with Content Manager's log panel.
- Improved multi-threaded rendering support.
- Improved the stability of the patch installer.
- Improved the performance of asset dependency calculation.
- Fixed an occasional crash which could result from having too many routes installed.
- The in-game DLC download interface will now prompt before cancelling downloads.
- Fixed an issue where Content Manager's "disconnected" banner would fail to respond to user input.
- Fixed a case where a script-generated "Driver Order Bar" would not respond to user input if it had no Driver assigned.
- Added support for resuming in-game DLC downloads.
- Fixed various edge-cases that could cause problems with in-game downloads.
- Fixed a case where signals could incorrectly report "The signal ahead is in an unknown state."
- Fixed a case where alt-tab in DirectX mode could change the system's FPU state flags and cause assorted problems.
- Fixed a crash which could occur when certain Surveyor tools were used on scenery with attached track.
- Fixed a potential crash when rotating a newly-decoupled consist in Surveyor.
- Fixed a problem where older-version splines would flip directions when another spline was attached in Surveyor.
- Assorted performance and stability improvements were made to the TADDaemon shutdown process.
- Content Manager no longer stops responding when asked to exit while a lengthy operation is in progress.
- Resolved a case where simultaneous DLC installs could result in out-of-memory failures.
- Fixed a usability bug with the Content Manager contextual menus in non-English languages.
- Reduced excessive logging generated by some classes of script compile error, improving validation performance.
- Fixed a crash which would occur if the "JunctionBase.BeginTrackSearch()" script function was used.
- AI trains should no longer become limited to 8km/h after loading at an Industry.
- Locomotives should no longer derail while driving on or off certain turntables.
- Fixed a case where certain AMD graphics drivers failed to enable Anti-Aliasing and Alpha-to-Coverage modes, resulting in incorrect visuals.
- Fixed a crash (typically noticed while exiting Driver) which resulted from playing certain sound files.
- Fixed a script exception from the QuickDrive rule which occurred when a Surveyor Saved Consist contained missing or faulty assets.
- Certain classes of script functions which query asset lists now silently ignore missing or faulty assets.

Manual patches can be downloaded here:

- http://download2.ts2009.com/57720_to_58414.exe (34,853KB)
- http://download2.ts2009.com/57825_to_58414.exe (33,827KB)
- http://download2.ts2009.com/57898_to_58414.exe (33,475KB)

The automatic patch is now available for builds 49922 / 57720 / 57825 / 57898

As always, please ensure you have any Antivirus/System Monitoring software disabled during this patch. If you encounter repeated patch failures, please also consider scanning your system for malware or faulty RAM.

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June 6th, 2013, 02:22 PM
The backdrop issue has not been fixed for me in this hot patch. For all backdrops with the prefix "DDD" the backdrops still cannot be placed on the baseboards unless the line "backdrop 1" is changed to "backdrop 0".