View Full Version : Stutter & Texture/Object Issues

April 10th, 2013, 04:10 PM
Hi all, I bought Trainz 12 today and am having a few problems with getting it to run smoothly. I have tried it on ECML and Norfolk & Western routes and I'm getting the same problems, namely choppy/stuttery graphics when train is moving and if I rotate the external view in chase camera, I see buildings/objects/tracks re-drawing when I bring the view around again to the starting viewpoint, rather than loading into the game just once at the start. Is this normal?

I've tried setting draw distance progressively lower, and also dropping other graphics options from high to normal with anisotropy down as low as 1 and it makes no difference. Am I missing something obvious here?

My PC specs:

i5 3570k at stock speed
16GB Ram
Geforce 670 GTX
480 GB SSD
Asus Xonar D2X soundcard

Resolution 1920x1200.

Any help would be appreciated.

April 11th, 2013, 09:20 AM
Update - after fiddling with various settings all day today, I couldn't seem to improve the way the game ran too noticably.

So I began reading as many stutter related posts on the forums as I could find and came across one where a forum member recommended disabling indexing on SSD drives. I did that and also updated the firmware on the drive which contains Trainz 12. This seems to have made a big difference. I'm running a 240gb Samsung Pro as boot drive and for my Lord of the Rings Online install, my second drive is a Sandisk Extreme 480gb which I use for everything else. Performance is still a bit jerky when zoomed out and panning around the train in motion, and buildings popping in and out just seem to be normal for this game (correct me if I'm wrong). I am also guessing that the ECML is a very big route with a lot of assets and that also probably isn't helping. As I am more interested in smaller layouts/routes and shunting type work, I'm hoping that smaller scale routes will be relatively smooth.