View Full Version : Animations that aren't (KIN failure?)

March 29th, 2013, 10:07 AM
Subject: TGV as shipped in TS12

I've IDed 3 distinct problems:

#1 Missing Pantograph - while available from the DLS, it is NOT among the many megabytes of data installed with the game - further, it's not properly called out in the KUID table resulting the CM being blissfully unaware that it is missing.

#2 Reverse wheel spin - Rear bogie on the "SNCF TGV SE" (which is the cab unit) has wheels that spin in the opposite direction of the train's travel. This should be fixable with a simple "reverse 1".

#3 SNCF TGV Unit X (where X=1 thru 4) have animated doors. However, the KIN file seems to be faulty. They do NOT animate in game, they do not animate in Content Creator Plus. And the lack of animation seems to trigger an endless loop of the "start.wav" door opening/closing sound.

Any help I can get on the KIN files would be appreciated. I am thoroughly unfamiliar with them.